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VidIt: Building A New Immersive World 

Humankind is not new to the transformational impacts of technology. We are well aware of how innovation in the technological…

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RIF Trust: Helping High-Net-Worth Individuals Invest in A Secure Future in A Prosperous New World

RIF Trust is one of the leading residency and citizenship by investment advisories in the Middle East and Africa. The…

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Minesoft: Leading The Market In The Intelligent Patent Information Solutions Space

Inception of Minesoft Minesoft is a family-run business that started as an ideal way to combine Ann Chapman’s and her…

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Mezzle Middle East Limited: At The Forefront of Challenging and Changing the Traditional Approach to The Legal Sector

The Idea Behind Mezzle After seeing lawyers chained to their desks working ridiculous hours, the idea behind Mezzle just had…

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Medgate Philippines, Inc.: Leading The Telemedicine Healthcare Ecosystem

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there is a global shortage of 4.3 million physicians, nurses, and other health…

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HRBoost: How Organizations Align Their HR Departments with Business Strategy 

You’ll notice it instantly. Nicole Martin, CEO and Founder of HRBoost, loves what she does, and she does it remarkably…

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Boost Your Business Profile with The Executive’s Gazette

In today’s competitive business environment, having a strong presence and projecting an influential image is critical. Whether you are an…

Embracing the Birth of Social Care: A Reason for Celebration (with Caution)

In 1948, amidst the birth of significant entities like the NHS, British Rail, and the iconic Land Rover, a monumental…

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Observing Healthcare Worker Strikes: Tracking the Impact and Progress

Healthcare worker strikes are not just a headline; they’re a critical indication of the challenges and concerns within the healthcare…

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Revolt in Healthcare: Understanding the Uprising and Halting its Spread

Keyword: Revolt in healthcare Doctors and pharmacists are in a whirlwind of frustration due to crucial issues affecting healthcare systems…

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