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Biscuit Companies in World

Some companies stand out in the biscuit industry by their global reach, inventiveness, and high quality products. This guide looks at the top 10 biscuit companies in world, offering details on their successes, market leadership, and the trade secrets that go into making their amazing biscuits.

However, How Big is the Biscuit the Industry?

The biscuit industry is a large one, with billions of dollars’ worth of sales going on globally each year. People of all ages around the world enjoy biscuits as popular snacks, which adds to the industry’s big size. The industry is growing and becoming more and more appealing to consumers due to factors like the variety of flavors, types, and packaging options. In addition, the market is further expanded by advancements in biscuit production methods and the launch of healthier or specialty options. In terms of sales and customer preferences, the biscuit industry contributes significantly to the food and snack sector overall.

Top 10 Biscuit Companies in World

  1. Mondelez International: Known for iconic brands like Oreo and Ritz, Mondelez holds a prominent position in the global biscuit market.
  2. Kellogg’s: Famous for its Keebler brand, Kellogg’s is a key player in the biscuit industry, offering a wide range of products.
  3. Nestle: With brands like KitKat and Digestive, Nestle has secured its place among the top biscuit companies globally.
  4. Parle Products Pvt. Ltd.: An Indian company, Parle Products is renowned for its Parle-G biscuits, which are household favorites.
  5. Britannia Industries: A leading player in India and beyond, Britannia offers a diverse portfolio of biscuits catering to various tastes.
  6. Mars, Incorporated: Mars, known for its chocolate products, also has a significant presence in the biscuit market with brands like Twix and Galaxy.
  7. Campbell Soup Company: Campbell’s biscuit offerings, including brands like Pepperidge Farm, have a strong foothold in the industry.
  8. United Biscuits (pladis): United Biscuits, part of pladis, is renowned for its McVitie’s brand, among others, and has a global presence.
  9. Yildiz Holding: Yildiz Holding, based in Turkey, boasts a diverse portfolio of biscuit brands, including Ülker and Godiva.
  10. Lotus Bakeries: This Belgian company is known for its speculoos biscuits and has been gaining international recognition.

How These Companies Maintain Excellence

  1. Innovation: Continuously introducing new flavors, packaging designs, and formats to stay ahead of the competition.
  2. Quality Control: Implementing rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure consistent taste and texture in every biscuit.
  3. Market Research: Conducting thorough market research to identify emerging trends and consumer preferences, allowing for targeted product development.
  4. Marketing Strategies: Targeting various marketing channels, from traditional advertising to social media influencers, to build brand awareness and loyalty.
  5. Sustainability Practices: Adopting sustainable practices throughout the supply chain, from sourcing ingredients to packaging and distribution.

Future Trends in the Biscuit Industry

  • Health and Wellness: The demand for healthier biscuit options, including gluten-free and organic variants, is expected to rise.
  • Sustainability: Consumers are increasingly conscious of environmental issues, driving demand for sustainable packaging and ingredients.
  • Digitalisation: Focusing e-commerce and digital marketing channels will become imperative for reaching tech-savvy consumers.
  • Personalization: Customization and personalization of products to cater to individual preferences will become more prevalent.
  • Global Expansion: Companies will focus on expanding their presence in emerging markets to capitalize on growing consumer demand.


The world’s biggest 10 biscuit companies in world have a major effect on how the food industry develops globally. They will continue to lead the biscuit industry in terms of growth and innovation as long as they think and adjust to shifting consumer demands.

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