Mezzle Middle East Limited: At The Forefront of Challenging and Changing the Traditional Approach to The Legal Sector

The Idea Behind Mezzle

After seeing lawyers chained to their desks working ridiculous hours, the idea behind Mezzle just had to be founded. Since Mezzle facilitates a radical change from this traditional approach to the provision of legal services, it has experienced substantial growth since its inception, serving the demand from lawyers to be their own boss with the backing of an international firm without sacrificing financial freedom (but in fact, adding to it).

Mezzle is a customer-centric and technology-driven law firm that minimizes non-billable hours through innovation and gives lawyers the ability to work from anywhere in the world at any time. Mezzle is equipping its lawyers with the best of the best to have what Henzie calls, the “Mezzle Lifestyle”. The Mezzle Lifestyle envisions a lawyer that has a healthy work-life balance and a very healthy income.

Mezzle has become a firm that keeps sharing the love. Happy lawyers create happy clients and the cycle keeps repeating, becoming stronger every time.

What are your company offerings? How have consumer responses shaped them over the years?

The underlying concept behind Mezzle is that it’s a remote-based fee share model that has invested heavily in its back-office systems, supporting its legal experts by providing them with access to a unique and revolutionary technology that helps them streamline their time (meaning clients receive their requests quicker than most traditional firms).

With Mezzle, the client also has direct contact with the lawyer they have initially engaged, work is completed in a more efficient manner (since Mezzle’s lawyers are all senior) and the client is paying for the lawyer’s experience as opposed to paying to train a junior lawyer to which the client’s work has been passed down at some traditional firms.

Mezzle’s legal consultants have all trained and qualified from international firms. They have legal/commercial and operational backgrounds, extensive private practice, in-house and corporate experience, all of which makes them strong business partners, who understand both the client’s commercial and legal needs.

Traditional law firms sometimes also block progress by being too aggressive from a legal standpoint, whereas as a business, it is normal to weigh up the commercial risks with the legal ones and Mezzle’s legal consultants understand that.

Every business, big or small, gets its fair share of challenges, especially during the initial days. Tell us about your challenges and how you managed to overcome them.

Scaling too quickly. Even before Mezzle hit the market, there was a growing demand for its business model. Since “going live” Mezzle has been unmandated with requests to join the firm and has found it hard to keep up with the demand.

The lawyers Mezzle has onboarded are legal experts in their field – Senior lawyers with years of experience. This knowledge and skillset, coupled with the fact that Mezzle has found a way to make them happy, means that clients are also receiving better services, which makes them happier and happier clients also means a continuously growing client base.

Mezzle has reached the point where Mezzle is expanding into other jurisdictions even quicker than they had planned to.

Is there an ideal upon which your work culture and business ethics are based?

Mezzle is very results-driven. Each lawyer works for themselves (but has our ongoing support). Mezzle promotes internal cross-referrals and provides promotion of its lawyers on the web and various other platforms. There is no hierarchical system in terms of a “boss”, but Mezzle does however consider the personality of legal consultants when onboarding them to ensure that the harmony of the firm is not disrupted. Mezzle has created a relaxed family environment, where people like working for the firm and with other members of the Mezzle team.

Mezzle has what it calls the Mezzle Tide to remind its lawyers of the ethics and values upon which Mezzle was founded. Trust, Integrity, Diversity, and Efficiency – Mezzle promotes these as the ethics of its business, and its lawyers embody these at all times.

What do you think is the most unique aspect of your business?

Mezzle is not your ordinary (or traditional) law firm. That says it all.

Where do you see your company a few years from now?

Mezzle is growing from strength to strength and is continuing to actively recruit good-quality lawyers across the UK and UAE. With more lawyers joining Mezzle, its service offering is going to get wider, and with the model and infrastructure it gives to lawyers, the demand keeps increasing.

The ultimate plan is to continue this growth, in both the UK and UAE and further afield also. The fee share or consultancy model is one which will dominate the legal market in the future and Mezzle has been created at just the right time to be the pioneer of this.

How has your journey been so far?

Wow! Where do we start? Mezzle already has two offices and is in talks about opening two more offices in other locations within the next 12 months.

Henzie has been named as one of the Top 10 Business Leaders to Follow in 2021 and received this title twice on two separate occasions for 2022. She has been featured in various magazine articles and received an award of honor from the Women’s Investment Empowerment Forum, the Lex Falcon Award from Lex Talks, was included in the Who’s Who of the World for 2022 and set to receive another award in November.

Mezzle won Best Corporate & Commercial Law Firm 2022 during the 2022 Global Excellence Awards, was named one of the 5 Best Law Firms of 2022 and one of the Innovative Law Firms to Watch in 2022. While each of these has been a notable achievement in itself, if one considers that all of this has happened within the last 6 months, Mezzle can call that achievement of achievements.

Knowing The Team Behind Mezzle

Raj Sumal & Mel Kang, Founders

Raj and Mel come with a combined work experience of over 30 years. They have worked at several prestigious firms before coming up with the idea behind Mezzle. Tired of the old way of working, they decided to create something revolutionary by creating the Mezzle Cloud, the backbone of Mezzle, which has completely transformed the way that legal services are being provided and how lawyers provide them.

Henzie Healley, MD, Middle East Office

Henzie is a partner in, and Managing Director of, Mezzle Middle East. She is an accomplished and skilled common law qualified lawyer who started the basis of the legal consultancy back in 2019, merging with Mezzle in 2021, and rebranding the Abu Dhabi office to Mezzle Middle East.

Quote: “We always knew there would be the demand and Mezzle would hit the ground running, we just didn’t realize by how much. But it’s a nice challenge to have… and one which we openly embrace.” 

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