Envisioning AI: 8 Predictions for 2024


Last year was monumental for AI, catapulting from its niche status to becoming an integral part of everyday life faster than ever. However, brace yourself for 2024 – it’s the year when the excitement surrounding AI collides head-on with reality.

Here’s what the future might Envisioning AI:

1. Evolution at OpenAI

Following a shake-up in leadership, OpenAI is set for a change in approach. There’s a shift towards a more proactive mindset. Their upcoming GPT store, similar to an app store for AI tools, aims to take center stage, challenging competitors like Hugging Face.

2. AI’s Expanding Role

AI’s once-experimental uses, like agent-based models and multimedia creation, are poised to expand their reach. These models might step up to assist in tasks such as handling spreadsheets or crafting music for video games.

3. Understanding AI Limits

While large language models have amazed us, 2024 could reveal their limitations. These models might struggle with specific tasks, urging us to consider smaller, specialized models instead.

4. Managing Expectations vs. Reality

The grand promises of AI made in 2023 might fall short. Companies might realize that the costs outweigh the benefits, leading some to step back from AI tools.

5. Apple’s AI Venture

Apple, known for its strategic market entries, might introduce an AI focused on leveraging user data effectively. This could potentially enhance Siri’s capabilities and provide practical applications for users.

6. Legal Battles and AI

Lawsuits concerning the misuse of AI are on the rise. However, the formulation of specific laws regulating AI might take time to materialize.

7. AI’s Role in the 2024 Election

AI might wield a significant influence in the upcoming election. The proliferation of fake content across social media platforms might aim to sway public opinion, causing widespread confusion and fostering distrust in online information sources.

2024 marks a critical turning point for AI, where the high expectations of the past could meet the challenges of reality. Stay tuned as these predictions unfold and shape the future of AI!

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