Combating The COVID-19 Pandemic: 360 HealthTech Pte. Ltd. 

360 HealthTech is a spin-off business from 360 Degree Digital whose core business is in designing improved technological solutions to help small, medium businesses pioneering their digital transformation roadmap in the realm of innovative capabilities, user experience, services and products. The company sells Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things (AIoT) and customized designed solutions for businesses.

360 HealthTech: Getting Off the Grounds

360 HealthTech was incorporated in the Year 2012 to address the silver generation’s healthcare issues. However, there was an upturn of events. Following the worldwide outbreak of COVID19, 360 HealthTech took up the humanitarian initiative to address world health risks and pandemic emergencies using AI, IoT, Cloud Computing and Big Data technologies. Under the leadership of Jennifer, the company became an immediate contact point/platform in global aid to deploy anti-COVID-19 pandemic solutions.

The Chief’s Tabloid had the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer, the CEO and founder of 360 HealthTech, and she was happy to share her journey, success and struggles with us. Below is an excerpt from the interview.

Why was the company set up?

360 HealthTech was founded with a mission to connect the world via a collaborative platform by borrowing the strengths from the most advanced technologies prevalent in developed countries and address the social health issues that are being faced by the majority at large.

As COVID-19 spreads like wildfire infecting millions of people around the world, what the world needs now are ready solutions that are effective and can ease problems quickly. However, coming up with new inventions and test running it to measure its effectiveness does take time.  As time is an issue here, we felt that borrowing the inventions from other developed countries that have already delivered results is a wise move to control the ferocious COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, 360 Health Tech was born to ease the pain of many people struggling to battle the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

How did you manage to take 360 HealthTech to the level that it is in today?

360 Health Tech was formed in turbulent times when the COVID -19 was taking over the world. Although we were focused on taking calculated risks, it wasn’t an easy decision to make as many companies had plunged into recession due to the economic lockdown. What actually drove me to take this courageous move is, perhaps, my inborn trait to strive in the storm. Moreover, I believe that promoting human welfare and bringing relief to mankind is the noblest of acts that one could do during such tough times. And I am indeed very honoured to be united with a group of like-minded collaborators and be a part of this humanitarian effort.

What were the challenges that you had to go through during your initial months?

The AIoT products distribution channels from 360 HealthTech collaborative platform was set up to meet the needs of countries around the world, from APAC to Europe. Till date, the challenges come from the countries’ governance compliances, adaptation to the changing technologies into the countries’ ecosystem, customers’ preferences, cultural differences and practices of the locals. This significantly affects the pace of adoption of the AIoT products between countries. Our company partners, technology vendors, researchers, scientists, manufacturers and developers will continue to adapt to comply with stringent regulations and to fit into the worldwide market.

What’s your take on innovation in the marketplace?

In my humble opinion, companies that invest time, effort and money in finding new and better ways of doing things have an advantage over others in the market. It’s that simple. Innovation not only helps a company offer exciting new products and services to customers but also allows companies to stay profitable and survive in the market.

Encouraging innovation isn’t easy. From juggling competing company priorities to overcoming internal resistance and inertia, there are a lot of things that can get in the way. No matter what industry one is in, unlocking the innovative potential of the company’s people – the company’s business more generally – comes down to a mix of management approaches, shared values, strategy, and resources.

What are the factors that make your brand stand out from the crowd?

It’s Originality, Understanding, Boldness, Consistency, Value.

I think corporate clients come to us for the originality of our solutions; the perception that we take time to understand their problems and pain they are trying to solve; the bold approach of our application in using advanced technologies that is beyond their expectation; consistency in our customers’ and users’ experience that we adopted in our service transformation as well as product design and development roadmap; the value we can offer for their business continuity and not be eliminated from the competitive landscape.

As a question on sustainability, where do you see your company a couple of years from now?

After COVID19 dies off next year, 360 HealthTech will divert back to solving the aged population’s elder care-related issues with its healthcare technology. We have plans to expand overseas with business collaboration and partnership with China’s renowned universities to research and develop new AI technologies that will benefit both countries. Deploying Artificial Intelligence in Robotics and Automation and integrating Machine Learning, Deep Learning into the Internet of Things, are definitely part of the company’s important roadmap to solving these exciting eldercare challenges ahead.

The Leader Who Made 360 HealthTech Possible

Jennifer Lauretta, Founder and CTIO

Jennifer is a serial tech entrepreneur who founded 360 HealthTech and 360 Smart Home as a part of 360 Degree Digital Group Business. The three incorporated companies are all inter-related in the nature of business operations, each complementing one another.

Quote- 360 HealthTech promotes fostering and building the well-being and good health of humankind through the use of technology and innovation to enhance health infrastructure and industry and serve the aged population to live more harmoniously in our future communities and sustainable cities.

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