Big Whiskey’s Newest Franchise: A Guide to Success?


In a remarkable achievement for Big Whiskey’s American Restaurant and Bar, the franchise recently celebrated the grand opening of its 14th location in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. Despite being one of the smallest markets the franchise has entered, Poplar Bluff witnessed the most successful grand opening in the history of Big Whiskey’s in mid-sized communities.

Record-Breaking Sales in a Small Market

Poplar Bluff, with a population of approximately 16,000, exceeded expectations by generating over $100,000 in sales within the first week of its grand opening. This unprecedented success has left the franchise and the local community elated.

David Vernon, a representative from the franchisee group, expressed his excitement, stating, “We couldn’t be happier with Big Whiskey’s success in c. People across the community and beyond came out to celebrate our grand opening, and we expect that engagement to continue. Big Whiskey’s is exactly what our city needed.”

Strategic Expansion in Missouri and Beyond

The opening in Poplar Bluff signifies the ninth Big Whiskey’s location in Missouri and sets the stage for further expansion. Big Whiskey plans to open eight additional locations across the nation within the next 12 months. This strategic move aligns with the brand’s vision to establish a strong presence in both small and large markets.

Austin Herschend, co-owner of Big Whiskey’s, commented, “We’ve always known that we could accomplish big things in smaller communities, and Poplar Bluff’s success is just the beginning. This demonstrates the power of the Big Whiskey’s brand across markets of all sizes. A grand opening of that size in a smaller community indicates even greater sales success in larger cities.”

Looking ahead, Big Whiskey’s has ambitious plans for 2024. The franchise aims to open new locations in Davie, Florida; Hoover, Alabama; Huntsville, Alabama; and additional sites across Missouri. This expansion marks a significant stride for Big Whiskey as it captivates diverse markets.

About Big Whiskey’s Franchising

Big Whiskey’s Franchising is a dynamic enterprise dedicated to bringing the unique American Restaurant and Bar experience to communities nationwide. With a proven track record of success, Big Whiskey is poised for continued growth, offering franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs eager to be part of a thriving brand. Discover the exciting possibilities with Big Whiskey’s Franchising and join the journey of culinary excellence and community engagement.

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