Walmart Goes Tiny With The Newest Stores


Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, is undergoing a strategic transformation by exploring the concept of tiny stores. Instead of relying solely on big-box stores, the company is testing smaller store formats in popular vacation spots. This shift aims to cater to the needs and preferences of vacationers who may not be inclined to visit large retail establishments during their leisure time.

Partnership with Getaway and Targeted Locations

To implement this new approach, Walmart has partnered with Getaway, a startup specializing in providing vacation experiences in “tiny houses in nature.” According to Forbes, Walmart is collaborating with Getaway to open five of these smaller outlets in vacation destinations. Examples of such locations include California’s Big Bear Lake and the Catskill Mountains of New York.

Introducing “General Stores” for Convenient Essentials

The tiny stores, referred to as “general stores,” will serve as a convenient shopping option for vacationers. Rather than offering a vast array of products, these stores will focus on providing essential items typically required during a vacation. Customers can expect to find products like lip balm, sunscreen, and old-fashioned cameras, aligning with the specific needs of travelers enjoying a relaxing break in nature.


Walmart’s decision to experiment with tiny stores represents a strategic shift away from its traditional big-box image. By partnering with Getaway and opening smaller outlets in vacation spots, the company aims to cater to the preferences of vacationers who may prefer a more convenient and tailored shopping experience. With a focus on essential items, the “general stores” provide a range of products that align with the needs of travelers in these scenic locations. This move demonstrates Walmart’s commitment to adapting to evolving consumer preferences and exploring innovative retail formats to better serve its customers.

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