Telonic Launches Siglent Oscilloscope in the UK

Siglent Oscilloscope

Siglent, in partnership with Telonic Instruments, has unveiled the SDS7000A series, a cutting-edge line of high-performance oscilloscopes specifically designed for dynamic industries like telecommunications, wireless technologies, and high-speed digital technology. These sectors demand enhanced functionality from oscilloscopes to cater to the escalating requirements for acquiring and analyzing high-frequency, intricate signals, aligning with the demands of modern applications.

The SDS7000A range stands out, offering an impressive 12-bit vertical resolution. This precision not only enables the accurate imaging of high-frequency signals but also facilitates meticulous vertical detection, which is crucial in these advanced industries.

Sampling and Memory Capabilities

The SDS7000A caters to evolving test demands with its four analog channels and 16 digital channels, boasting bandwidths of 3GHz and 4GHz, respectively. Its maximum sampling rate of 20GSa/s enables the capture of swift signal transitions with remarkable fidelity. Leveraging the 12-bit ADC for each sample minimizes quantization errors, allowing engineers to distinctly observe waveform details and ensure precise measurements.

With a standard acquisition memory depth of 500Mpts/channel (upgradeable to 1Gpts/channel), this oscilloscope enables capturing signal sequences up to 50 milliseconds at the maximum sampling rate without any interruptions.

Remarkable Features

Featuring an impressively low noise floor (as low as 220μVrms at 4GHz) and a waveform capture rate of up to 1 million wfm/s, the SDS7000A accelerates the capture of abnormal events, while its upgraded X86 processor significantly enhances overall performance. This processor not only boosts response speed but also amplifies measurement, operation, and analysis speed, providing avenues for future expansion of analysis functions.

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Advanced Analysis Capabilities

The SDS7000A series supports automatic parameter measurements for jitter and eye characterization, which is crucial in evaluating system quality and debugging digital communication systems. It simplifies design testing, leading to a distinct time-to-market advantage.

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Protocol Compliance and Additional Equipment

Siglent Oscilloscope integrates embedded compliance test solutions that evaluate systems against communication standards like USB 2.0, 100base-TX, 1000base-T, 100base-T1, and 1000base-T1. Additionally, the SAP5000D active differential probe kit, with up to 5GHz of bandwidth, offers detailed signal analysis, ensuring minimal load introduced by the measurement system.

User-Friendly Interface

The SDS700A boasts a user-friendly 15.6-inch, high-definition touchscreen facilitating simultaneous analysis of multiple signals, enhancing efficiency, and reducing development cycles. Features like search and navigate, along with history tools, simplify the analysis of stored traces for seamless operations.

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