Oneplus Open Is a Foldable Contender


In the ever-evolving landscape of foldable devices, OnePlus emerges with its much-anticipated entry, the OnePlus Open, priced at $1,699. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what sets this device apart in a crowded market. In a marketplace bustling with contenders like Samsung, Google, Motorola, Huawei, and Honor, OnePlus steps into the foldable domain, offering a unique take on form factor dynamics. Unlike conventional smartphones, the foldable category thrives on experimentation, which is evident in OnePlus’ approach, which diverges from the traditional norms set by predecessors.

Redefining Priorities: Weight vs. Functionality

Prioritizing user experience, OnePlus introduced the Open, weighing in at 239g and significantly lighter than competitors like the Galaxy Fold and Pixel Fold. Despite omitting wireless charging, a feature expected in premium devices, OnePlus emphasizes the significance of a lighter, more pocket-friendly device in the foldable realm. OnePlus’s meticulous engineering of the hinge mechanism boasts extensive durability, tested rigorously with 1 million folds—three times the standard fold count. Comprising 69 parts, fewer than rival devices, the hinge provides a forceful yet secure closure, enhancing durability and minimizing potential points of failure.

Display Dynamics: Screen Sizes and Resolutions

The OnePlus Open offers a dual-screen experience, comprising a 7.82-inch interior and a 6.31-inch exterior display. This innovative design provides users with a full-size smartphone screen and a compact tablet interface while rivaling competitors in display quality with 2K resolutions, 120Hz refresh rates, and impressive brightness. Equipped with a robust camera setup, including a primary 48-megapixel sensor with optical image stabilization and a 64-megapixel lens offering “lossless zoom” of up to 6x, the OnePlus Open ensures flagship-quality imaging. The device delivers impressive photographic results in diverse lighting conditions, meeting the high standards expected in a premium smartphone.

Performance Prowess: Snapdragon Power and Storage

Powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, coupled with 16GB RAM and 512GB storage, the OnePlus Open guarantees seamless performance. Additionally, the device houses a 4,805mAh battery, surpassing the capacity of certain competitors, ensuring prolonged usage without compromising on efficiency. At $1,699, the OnePlus Open positions itself competitively in the foldable market, offering a slightly lower price point compared to some competitors. While not a game-changer in terms of onboard features, its meticulous design choices and relative affordability make it a commendable addition to the current foldable lineup.

In conclusion, OnePlus’ entry into the foldable domain with the OnePlus Open showcases a thoughtful combination of innovative design, durable engineering, and competitive pricing, making it a device worth considering in the ever-expanding foldable smartphone market.

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